Principal Profile

Sugardale-Freshmark Foods


wienersBegun in 1920 as a family-owned butcher shop in Canton, OH, Sugardale has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of pork products in the United States, as well as several international markets.

The first product to be offered by Sugardale Provisions, as it was called in the 1920’s, was Dutch Loaf.  Its success led to the introduction of other products.  Today, our diverse line includes specialty hams, deli meats, uncooked and pre-cooked bacon, bologna, wieners, cooked salami, pepperoni, and smoked sausage.  We market our quality products to individual consumers at retail outlets throughout the country as well as to wholesale distributors and institutional buyers through Sugardale's Food Service Division.

Since our beginning more than 85 years ago, the company thrived as Sugardale Foods.  Then, in 1976 we merged with Superior’s Brand Meats to form Fresh Mark, Inc, one of the largest meat manufacturers in the state of Ohio and a leading provider of pepperoni and sausage products to national food companies.

bacon and wafflesAs we expanded from a single location offering a few items into the multi-market, international business that Fresh Mark is today, our way of producing and selling our products has constantly changed to incorporate the newest advances in technology and food safety.  One thing that has never changed however, is our commitment to offer only the highest quality products at a fair price and to provide superior customer service.

We’re constantly working to add new product lines as well as add value and safety to our existing products.  For example, we’ve recently introduced a new line of pre-sliced deli meats.  They’re the same great tasting, high quality products we’re famous for, but since they’re pre-sliced, delis are able to reduce their overhead, improve food safety, and deliver out products more efficiently.  This adds value, not only to those selling our products, but to consumers as well.  For safety, all of our dry sausage products are gluten-free.

With more than 85 years of brand name success, Sugardale is proud of our products, services, and industry expertise.  As we look to the future, out priority will continue to be the same as it’s been since 1920 – to offer only the safest, highest quality products at a fair price and to provide superior customer service.  You can trust Sugardale!

Our Products Include:

Think of a delicious ham, moist and tender, brimming with good taste.  Then think of something a little different!  Instead of a brown sugar glaze, try using currant jelly or orange juice for a different, tangy glaze.  A Sugardale ham makes any meal an occasion, whether it’s for an event, or far a family meal.  When you think fall feast, think of Sugardale!

Sugardale!  When you are hungry, what could taste better and be more fun to eat than hot dogs from Sugardale’s wide variety of coneys, franks, and wieners?  Think of them grilled, enclosed in a perfectly toasted bun with the condiments of your choice.  Sound good?  Absolutely!  And here’s the best part – Sugardale hot dogs contain a healthy percentage of protein.  Whether you’re eating at a sporting event, at home, or away, Sugardale has the taste you want!

Did you know that bacon contains no carbohydrates?  That’s right – it’s pure protein!  Although many people limit their consumption of bacon and eggs to avoid additional cholesterol, two bacon slices can add a welcome taste treat to cereals, fruits and breakfast breads.  Sugardale bacon is available in thick sliced, regular sliced, peppered and pre-cooked styles, bringing a variety of choices to your meal planning.

Think Sugardale Foods!  Think of the nutritional bonus that you’ll give yourself and your family when you make sandwiches from the wide selection of Sugardale luncheon meats instead of running by the drive-through.  Lower in fat and calories than most fast food, Sugardale luncheon meats provide great taste and variety to the group on the go!  Whatever you’re doing, Sugardale Foods comes along for a tasty, healthy snack, or lunch.

Sugardale deli meats offer a wide selection of tasty treats for lunch time, party time, or any time!  Pick up a few of your favorites the next time you shop and give your family a healthy treat.  Lower in fat than most fast-food choices, Sugardale deli meats bring good taste to your table every time!